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A New Zealand Care package

A friend sent us some special New Zealand treats today.


It all looks yummy! We can’t wait to dig in!


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Floral Leader and Ender

Another charity quilt finished. This one has been my leader-ender for a few months.

The large yellow gingham framing rectangles were a curtain, and the white-background floral sashing was a vintage sheet.

Happy quilting, everyone!

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It’s Apple Time!

Time to make some apple pie and applesauce:-)

Happy harvesting, everyone!



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Progress on the Chopsticks Quilt

I have spent a few hours free-motion Quilting on the Chopsticks quilt–which you might remember from This post. First I stitched-in-the-ditch of every triangle and triangle border. Then I added shimmery yellow curly-q’s to the narrow grey border of the larger triangle blocks. It doesn’t show up well in this photo- but I will take a finished photo in the sun, and then I think you will see it.


Next, I’m working on a one-sided feather with a question mark inside for the wider triangle borders.



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Red & White Charity Quilt

Another month has passed…..

Happy Quilting everyone!

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A Civil War fabrics treasure trove

Look at this beautiful collection of Civil War fabrics that was gifted to me this week!

Isn’t it wonderful? Thank you so much to my neighbor’s mom for this fun stack of endless pretty possibilities! I can’t wait to dig into it 😋

Happy Quilting, everyone!

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FOR SALE-Janome Ruler Work Set

Check it out on my etsy shop!

Great collection of the best rulers for quilting- 8” Crosshair, 8”X3” straight edge, 6” arc, 1.5”X2” Simple pointed oval, 5.5” Spin-e-fex 11, Oval clamshell (1.5” X 1.5” and 1.5” X 2.5”) and Hearts-a-plenty 1 (2”x4”) and 2 strips of tape.

Comes with instruction booklet and DVD and bonus Template Library Folder pattern!

Here’s the link!

Happy Quilting!

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The Asian-inspired Charity Quilt is finished

I showed you some in-progress photos of this one- but now it’s done!

I was inspired by a Pinterest photo of random FMQ intersecting circles, echoed at about a 1/4″, and then filled with different fills.

First, I couldn’t do that tight of an echo. My circle rulers are only in 1 inch increments- and to get that I would have to switch rulers. One ruler has the even circles (4″,6″,8″,10″, and 12″) and the other has the odd circles (5″,7″,9″, and 11″). So I decided to do 2 inch echoes and use a curliQ inside of it.

I did a curved cross hatching where the circles intersected- just to keep it from getting too messy. I tried to copy some of the fills from the Pinterest photo, and I used some of my old favorites. Some of the quilting patterns really highlighted Priscilla’s tension and skipping stitches issues. Ruby finally finished up the job!


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Meet Ruby, my newest sewing machine

My son found just found this treasure at our local thrift store!

It’s a Singer 15-91 made in the spring of 1952. She runs perfectly! She has a very modern light- I’m not sure why- but that was the inspiration for her name, Ruby.

See the red switch? 😋

It came in a bentwood case which was convenient because they didn’t have to lug home a heavy cabinet. Plus, I can use the case to transport my other machines.

Now I just need to find a power cord and a foot control and we’re in business!! I just love vintage sewing machines.

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An Asian-inspired charity quilt

Today I’m working on an Asian-inspired charity quilt.

4F8F20DF-EEBC-4536-942A-A1155E4C0332It is made from bits of pieces from the free table at our quilt guild meeting. They aren’t fabrics I would normally choose to work with, so it’s been a bit of a stretch. I’m trying to quilt it with some Asian flair. 😋


I’ll show you again when I get it finished- hopefully this week.

Happy Quilting!


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