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Vintage Quilt Tops


Scrappy churn dash blocks with sweet pink sashing


Some of these blocks have the most interesting fabrics


This is for sale at my Etsy Shop

Check out these vintage flower applique blocks


Aren’t they funky?


What do you think? 1960’s?


This is for sale at my Etsy shop



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A visit to Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens

What a beautiful place! A glorious sunny day too!



We figured out we love Pink Ruth Lilacs- they smell heavenly. Unfortunately, they no longer sell that variety…..


And they have my favorite tree in the parking lot… a monkey puzzle!



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More charity quilts







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The Pink and Purple Rose Commission Quilt


I was commissioned to create a quilt for a wedding anniversary present. The husband wanted something special for his wife of 31 years. All he could tell me was that his wife loved roses, that she really liked pink and purple, and that he wanted it to be 108″ by 108″. It’s not much to go on, but it’s all I had, so I ran with it.


I quilted Scripture verses that were special to the couple.


The hardest part was waiting for the anniversary date to roll around so he could give it to her.

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A Day Trip to the Tulip Farms

This has been a very rainy spring- so rather than wait for good weather, we picked a day and went! It was amazing! I took a ton of pictures. This is only one field- there were many!!!



Do these shoes make my feet look big??? It’s pouring by the way….


The varieties were incredible.


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My grandma’s lone star quilt


My Grandma quilted before I was born. She had a prized Singer Featherweight. My great aunt came across one of my Grandma’s PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) and brought it to me. It was an unfinished lone star quilt. I knew right away why she had given up the project- it was a huge funnel! It was made of scraps from her dresses- all hand cut out. The colors didn’t really jive– but it was my beloved grandma’s project and I just had to finish it. This was years ago when I had just begun quilting- I knew practically nothing about quilting and absolutely nothing about lone star quilts. Completely ignorant as to what I was getting myself into- I went shopping for a fabric to fill in the space between the points of the star. Nothing worked. The colors were totally off. Finally I settled on a dark forest green- not because it looked all that great, but because it sort of toned it all down- something that seemed necessary to me. I set myself to unsewing and resewing the diamonds to get the top to lie flat- an unattainable goal. Compromising on the flatness, I ventured into free motion quilting it- not a winning success by any means, but it helped with the flatness! I powered through and got the quilt all bound. My aunt came to visit shortly after that, and I showed it to her. As soon as I brought it out, I knew that I would give it to her.  It just belonged with my grandma’s daughter. My aunt doesn’t quilt, but she remembers her mother quilting away on her featherweight- the same feather weight she still has in her closet because grandma told her to never get rid of it. Well, my aunt is very sick and she wants to get her things in order- so she gave me grandma’s lone star quilt back. It’s funny to look at it after all these years and see what a beginner I was when I finished it- how crude my skills were. I can see that I have improved over the years and that is very encouraging. But it has a sweetness- having gone from my grandma’s hands, through mine, then to my aunt for many years, and now back to me. It is a special quilt that I will always treasure.


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A quilt for Dahlia

Our neighbors had a new baby daughter.


It’s all flannel- nice and cushy


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Road to California 2017

Yayyy! It’s finally here! I’m off to California!


My first class is exploring rulers for free motion quilting


She gave us this preprinted panel and a bunch of rulers and we’re off to create! It’s pretty intimidating on this Bernina Q20. This thing is ginormous! I turned the stitch regulator completely off because I didn’t want to get used to it 🙂

My second class was on Free motion background fillers using HQ Sweet Sixteen machines


It was so fun just trying out all new stuff and feeling totally free!


Eventually we filled in the entire grid.


My third class was on feathers and using stencils as a jumpstart for free motion quilting– back to the Bernina Q20. We fancied those feathers up!!


Here are some of the stencils I used in various stages of being embellished.


My next class was on Zentangle-inspired backgrounds. First we drew a simple picture of a bird on a branch and leaves and then we separated the background into sections. We added different fillers in each section- trying to balance out lighter ones with darker ones.


The baptist fan filler was great for getting into all the tight spaces


Then we added raw edge applique colored fabric over the picture elements that we wanted to emphasize


It was so much fun, I made another one and sewed it into a coin purse when I got home


What a fabulous time! All the teachers were excellent, the quilts in the show were wonderful, and I got to spend time with Kathryn- what could be better? I can’t wait to come back next year. 🙂

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A Day in Seattle

For a little New Year’s trip, we spent the day in Seattle.


We explored Chihuly Garden

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass

at the base of the Space Needle.


The size and scope are amazing. The works are breathtakingly beautiful.


Even his bowls are out of this world

Behind us is a sea column with swirling water and golden sea animals. Gorgeous!

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass






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A Green Wedding Quilt

I took a chance and made my friend a quilt for her wedding present. It was risky because I hadn’t seen her in a long time, so I had no idea where her style preferences were. And I had never been to her home, so even something as basic as color was a complete guess. I remembered a conversation we had many years ago discussing exterior house paint color choices. She had moved several times since then, but she had expressed a fondness for green- so I decided to dive right in with both feet and go completely green!!!


I had so many other projects going at the same time, I grabbed all the cut green and neutral 2.5 inch strips from my scraps which are organized by size of strip. As you can see, I used the term “green” loosely. This was going to be an “anything goes” project. Even my neutrals were stretched to include pale pink, blue and lavender. I sewed the 2 strips together as leaders and enders and then subcut into 4- 4.5″ segments and rotated them to make a sort of pinwheel.

Not knowing what size their bed was, I aimed for large. Once I saw how big my blocks were going to be, I decided to add a border of HST’s and 4-patches using the leftover pieces of the 2.5″ strips. This close-up shot gives a better view of the variety of fabrics included.


And it snowed right before we took the reveal shot.


Lots of fun times!


What a surprise it was to find out her bedroom was painted green and the quilt was a perfect fit for her bed! 🙂


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