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Meet Priscilla

After all the trouble I had finishing Winston Ways (my Pfaff broke down 3 times!), I decided I needed to have a more reliable solution for free-motion quilting. I started an internet search for which vintage Singer machine works best for free motion. They seemed to be unanimous- a Singer 15-91 in a cabinet was the best.  I found one on Craigslist and got it for $20!

Priscilla first view

She had been living in a storage unit for a long time! She was missing many items- a bobbin slide cover plate, a power cord, and even a needle! I cleaned her all up, bought a few replacement parts, put everything back together, and tried her out! Sews like a dream! So smooth! I also picked up some free-motion quilting feet.  It took several tweaks, but she free-motion quilts better than my Pfaff!

Priscilla sewing on Winston Ways

Ben has taken a liking to her as well……

ben sewing on priscilla

Check out the Minecraft guy 🙂

Enjoy your vintage machines, friends! They don’t make them like they used to!!!! And if you haven’t yet jumped on the vintage machine bandwagon- what are you waiting for???? Happy sewing!


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A treasured family heirloom

Eva's Grandmother's Flower Garden

This was made by my Great-Great Grandmother in 1932 when she was 79 years old! My aunt has been keeping it, and now she gave it to me! Wow! What a beauty!

Eva's Grandmother's Flower Garden closer view

Classic 1930’s fabrics. Great scrappy substitutions. Lovely hand quilting.

Detailed Embroidery on Eva's Grandmother's Flower Garden

Such a treasure. I never got to meet her, but her handwork lives on. I feel honored to be the one to hold on to this piece of our family history. This quilt inspires me to make the most of my quilting creations 🙂 Happy sewing, everyone!

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Winston Ways is home!

I started Winston Ways in March at the Block Party with Bonnie. Remember how different mine looked compared to everyone else’s?

Everyone's Winston Ways blocks

That is mine in the bottom row with the black 4 patches 🙂  Doug picked out the colors (as many Kaffe fabrics as we could find).  He wanted bright! colorful! and mesmerizing!!! I finished the first block at the Block Party and then it had to take a back seat to my parents’ Talkin’ Turkey quilt.

Once I finished their quilt,  I made hundreds of 4 patches at the Oregon Coast.   I worked on it during school breaks, late at night, early in the morning, anytime I could squeeze in a few moments.  Did I mention this quilt has 104 pieces in each 12″ block!! And I was making 30 blocks 🙂 That is 3120 pieces altogether, in case you were wondering.

My Pfaff broke 3 times during the free-motion quilting. I had to take it to the shop each time to get it fixed– that will really slow you down! My free-motion quilting foot broke- twice! I have had my share of hiccups with this project.

Doug with Winston Ways

But it is finally home! On the bed!

Winston Ways full view

Winston Ways close up

Winston Ways close up quilting

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