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Hexie Progress

We are back from vacation! I have a ton of pictures to post about that- but first my progress on the hexie project.

Hexie Progress June 17 2013


So far I am really enjoying the process. I didn’t know what to expect.  Not being a fan of hand quilting, I had my doubts.  Hexagon piecing, though, goes much faster, and none of the uneven stitching shows on the front. I am happy to be back to my machine, but I will definitely try to squeeze in a little more handwork time 🙂




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The Hexie Bug

I think I caught the Hexie Bug! I can’t stand the idea of going on vacation without a sewing project. I love my needlepoint- but I wanted to do something with fabric!

Hexie supplies


Do you think this will keep me busy????

Updates from the southern Oregon Coast as soon as we get back! Yayyyyyyy!!!!




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Our Ongoing Renovations

We have lived here for over two years now- time sure does fly by! We knew this home had some issues we wanted to deal with, but we didn’t know if we would live here long enough to tackle them. Well, that time has come!

Masonry Fireplace

This is our masonry fireplace in the living room. It was added in the early 90’s, but it was never fully hooked up to a propane tank. So, it only provided looks, not heat. And we were not impressed with the looks! What we need around here is space- not good looks :-).

Dylan chiseling

Gentlemen- start your chisels!

Ben chiseling

After many hours of chiseling (and pounds and pounds of rock dust on everything)– we are getting somewhere.

Fireplace crumbling

Daddy helped too!

Daddy removing fireplace

empty corner

Now we can build a room for Dylan!!! We decided to add a skylight, since there will not be any windows in this small space.

And the ceiling needed to be sealed….

Dylan sealing ceiling

Now, on to framing….

Dylan measuring to frame

Framing first wall

First wall done!

That is it for now. I will post the second installment of our renovation adventure soon! 🙂

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A Very Special Wedding

First Pres Church in Portland

Check out this church! It was beautiful. The first service was held there in 1890! You really feel like you are stepping back in time.

Cross stained glass

Flower stained glass

We were up in the balcony, so we couldn’t get any good photos of the bride and groom. But their photographer did a great job!

Easy Street complete

I didn’t get a photo of the completed quilt. I added more quilting and I personalized it with their names and the year.

May God bless their marriage!

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Highlights from May 2013

Our friend, Max turned 12! The boys had a blast at his birthday party 🙂

Dylan shooting Max in lake

Dylan and Tad in lake

Dylan and Ben in lake

Dylan on go-cart

Ben on go-cart

the girls on go-carts


Ben rock climbing


Dylan Rock climbing


Ben on ropes course

We walked in the Steps for Life Walk in downtown Portland. The magician was great!

Steps for Life Crowd

We have made progress on clearing things out of our house to make room for some much-needed renovations. More on that later…..

bye,bye dresser

bye, bye bunk beds and bookcases

Dinner with friends outside around a fire by the river- gorgeous!!!

Fire by the river

Sunset by the river

Sunset and tne riverIt has been a great month!

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