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Block Party Block Exchange- Planning Stages

I am so looking forward to the Quiltmaker Block Party in March! I signed up to participate in the block exchange– now I need to make 9 blocks! So many to choose from……I decided on the Birthday Girl block from Volume 2, #174 on page 58 of the issue.

Birthday girl block in Pacific Northwest colors

Birthday girl block in Pacific Northwest colors

Here I go!


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Easy Street Layout Options

After visiting many blogs with different layout options for Easy Street, I decided to think about different options for myself. I have found myself most attracted to layouts which “finish off” the block design in the border. For example, Easy Street has a strong secondary line created by the green squares surrounded by 4-patch blocks. In Bonnie’s layout- she put the blocks on point, so the line appears vertical and horizontal. Also, the flying geese arrangement of block A, coupled with the third flying geese attached in block B, makes your eye dart out at all 4 points- north, south, east and west. In Bonnie’s layout, these are on the diagonal.  Why not swap them with a straight set? Then the green square pattern can be completed in the border! Yayyyy!!!

Easy Street Layout Option 3

As you can see, I don’t have any fancy quilting software- just paint!!! Now to put it all together…….

What layout are you using?

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A Block Party at our Quilt Guild Meeting!

Our Quilt Guild, Northwest Quilters, hosted Marsha McCloskey yesterday. She taught from her book, Block Party.  I have always loved that book- tons of information!

Marsha McCloskey teaching

She was fabulous! We had a great time- and learned a lot too!

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Sledding on Mount Hood!

What a gorgeous day on Mount Hood!

Mount Hood top of mountain

The drive up had plenty of snow.  We had to have chains in the car.

Mount Hood Drive up

and cars…..

Mount Hood drive up with cars

Ready for some sledding action 🙂

Mount Hood Dylan in snow


Mount Hood Ben in snow

or anything else that may come up….

Mount Hood Ben and Dylan in snow

Beautiful sunset….

Mount Hood sunset

Can’t wait to go do it again 🙂


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A Case for Ashley

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

A Case for Ashley closed

I made Ashley this case for her birthday. I wrote “Trust in the Lord” on the front.

Ashley case Trust in the Lord

I put a sketch book inside.

Ashley case book peeking out

It has some pockets on the inside.

Ashley case showing pockets inside

I hope she likes it!

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Progress on Orca Bay


I was able to piece all the components together! I decided to finish piecing this before putting Easy Street together- I wanted to have last year’s mystery at least somewhat put together before finishing this year’s mystery. Now I can get going on Easy Street! That is, if I don’t get distracted trying to decide on a border for Orca Bay (which I already wasted an hour of sewing time looking through all the finished quilts on Quiltville Chat……..)

Happy 2013 everyone!

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