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Oaks Park Picnic

Doug’s work hosts an Oaks Park Family Picnic Day every year in August. This year I think they picked the hottest day of the summer! My brain was a little overheated so I didn’t get many photos.

We were spinning and spinning and spinning......

Still spinning......

Ben going down the big slide

Dylan getting ready to bump as many cars as he can!

Up and down.....

Dylan and I spinning around on the spider

By this point, we were really getting hot. We decided to go roller skating- that would be a nice cool activity. Well, it turns out that an old wooden building built in 1905 doesn’t usually have air conditioning!  You can’t tell when you are in line to go in, because you are still outside. There are very few windows, so you can’t see inside. If you were able to see in, you would see many people with flushed cheeks and sweat on their brow.  The temperature outside was in the 90s out on the cement, but inside it felt much hotter. There was no air circulating, except for one fan that we found as we were leaving by the exit.  We skated anyway. We took a lot of breaks and made many trips to the water fountain. We only  lasted for an hour.

Dylan roller skating

Can you make out Dylan and Doug racing?

It is not easy to take photos while roller skating with a phone camera of roller skaters! You might be able to see Doug (wearing a light blue shirt and khakis) racing Dylan who is ahead (he looks like a yellow blur to the left).

Overall, we had a lot of fun.


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A trip to Lincoln City!

We have finally visited the Oregon Coast! We loved it! We hope to return soon.

The scenery on the way to the coast

We rented a house on Devil’s Lake (wish it had a different name….).

Look at that hand knocker!

It is time to relax.......

The 3 boys did all sorts of water activities: jet skiing, fishing, canoeing, sand castle building,  and boating.

Ben on the raft

Ben, Dylan, and Dad on their bikes

Rowing around the lake

Jet skiing

Walking on the beach

Building sand castles

We worked hard for this shot!!!

Ben fishing off the deck

Ben caught his first fish

I made a lot of progress on Double Delight- more pictures on that later…..

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Update on Country Blessings

I put the borders on:

It is still way too busy……

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Double Delight- step 1

Yes… I started another project. How could I resist? Double Delight is just too adorable to wait until I finish everything else.

Here is what I have cut so far:

Now I get to sew them together!!!!

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I love taking pictures of flowers and plants as inspiration. I have never made an art quilt, but I sure love looking at them in books. Especially the ones by Gloria Loughman. So here is a little inspiration for today……

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Can you say BUSY!!!

I haven’t been able to do much quilting around here for quite some time now because of our recent move. Well, I am happy to report that we are finally settling in this place and finally figuring out where all of our stuff is going to go. I have hung some pictures and I am finishing up the painting and I have more time to quilt! A friend of mine gave me a big bag of her scraps. She doesn’t quilt but she does do some sewing- not exactly sure what she sews, but she always cuts off the selvage edge of the entire piece of yardage (some of these pieces were 6 yards long!!). Most of these long strips were somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 inches wide. I used some of them on the back of the Snoopy quilt I made a few months ago. But I still had tons more and I knew I had to do more with them than just use them on an occasional back. As you probably remember, my sewing machine was damaged in our move (the rattling around on the moving truck blew out one of  the 2 computers it has on board), so my sewing is limited to what my machine can handle.  Well, long story short, I don’t want to work on anything that has really special fabric because my machine might eat it 🙂 So…. I thought I would try out some new techniques I have been learning at Quiltville.com. I put together this blue and mauve number from this big bag of 1980s fabrics. It is  like stepping back in time.

So far this is just the middle- I haven’t put the borders on yet. Can you imagine this even more busy than it is now??? I know, I know……I will show you an update when I have the borders on.

P.S. The Farmer’s Wife Sampler has come to a standstill. But we are going on vacation next week, and I plan to make a few blocks. 🙂

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The Great Oregon Steam Up 2011

We made it to the Great Oregon Steam Up again this year- AND Daddy came with us! It was not nearly as hot as it was last year- really comfortable actually.

One of the many steam machines driving around!

Daddy looked at all the military vehicles- this one had something he had never seen before:

The driver told us all about it!

They had a cut-out version of a steam engine so that Daddy could understand how it worked and explain it to the boys.

How does all that wood power that big machine???

They had a steam engine that powered an ice-cream maker! So you know we had to get ourselves some of that!!! They had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Our order was 3 chocolates and 1 strawberry— who do you think had the strawberry???

This machine was huge! The ice cream was delicious!

They even had a covered wagon

Oh, and just so you know that not everything was machines and steam and smoke and oil– they have a flea market too! I bought several thread crochet books, 3 full yards of fabric, and about 8 FQs.  Not to mention the kettlecorn……We hope to return next year 🙂

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Pictures in the Park 2011

This is our second year participating in the Pictures in the Park outreach in Gresham.

This way to the park!

The boys have fun getting everything set up and they love watching the movies with their buddies.

Up goes the screen!

A little break to catch our breath....

There were lots of people there to see the band and the show




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Rebelution Conference 2011

Great worship! Beautiful facility!

We were able to attend the Portland Rebelution Coference this year. It was great!

The Rebelution Conference/ Do Hard Things

Check to see if they are coming to a city near you!

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