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Flowers for Anna- finished!

I finished it! With the baby shower quickly approaching, I had to skip all my other work and just focus on getting this done.

Flowers for Anna

It is 36″ X 44″. I free-motion quilted the words “Rejoice in the Lord” at the top. The backing is the red print in the 4-patch border. I bound it with the bright blue in the bell-shaped flowers.


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Flowers for Anna

Another baby is on the way! A sweet baby girl in fact. She should be here any day now. Her baby shower is this weekend, so I need to get a move on.

I decided to make a simple 5-inch scrappy squares canvas to start with.


I cut my applique shapes out of paper and decided on placement.


I dug around in the scrap bin and found this assortment of fabrics for the applique pieces.

I buttonhole stitched around them to secure them to the background.

How about a colorful 4-patch border?


Yes, I think I like it! It seems to balance out the strong colors of the flowers. Now to make it fit all the way around….


Okay, not so great…. Now do I take it apart and fix that bottom row…. Hmmmm… the baby shower is in 4 days…. I think not….

This photo looks weird because it is hanging against a sunny window. It gives it that stained glass look:-)  Next up, a backing, some basting, and machine quilting— no idea what to do there. I guess I will see if anything inspires me at the MQW West show in Portland this weekend….











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A quilt for Baby Josephine

Our good friends just adopted the sweetest little girl and named her Josephine Joy. I made her a fun little quilt out of some blocks that had been gifted to me by a mutual friend—more of a group project rather than a single effort.  I added a narrow black and white check inner border (it was during the time that Bonnie Hunter was writing about Bali….) I took apart a lasagna-type quilt top that was also gifted to me, and revamped the strips into a simple pieced border with dog paw print squares at the corners. I quilted a simple flower across the center of the quilt, and a feather along the border. I added 2 verses of Scripture in the checked inner border with light pink thread. “Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say, Rejoice!” and “Trust in the Lord, with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”  It is pretty bright, but to me it says happy, happy!

We are all loving on this precious little package. She has certainly already brought much joy to this family.


God bless you, Josephine Joy!

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My boys are taking a new class this year called Parkour. It is held at a studio nearby: Revolution Parkour. I had never heard of this until a friend suggested our boys take it together. They love it!


What is not to love? It is a boys’ dream class—nonstop motion and no homework!


Here is a you-tube video explaining more about the sport of Parkour if you are interested 🙂


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More Landscaping work to be done

The men in my life are busy working on the landscaping again. Now that the front steps into the house are completed, it is time to start on the pathways around the house. Since we live in Oregon-on the west side of Mount Hood- we get plenty of rain. And since our house is situated at the bottom of a steep hill, we have a large of amount of water to deal with. We decided rock pathways would make the most sense. They are easy to construct, are not slippery, are easy to maintain, and look good even when wet (or muddy). So… first we need some rocks!!!  Time to get a dump truck load of ¼ crushed (the fancy name for gray gravel).

What do boys do the instant they see a huge pile of rocks? King of the hill!!!

Now comes the leveling, shoveling, hauling,  and smoothing.


Lots of work!

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Our first camping trip—EVER!!!

Yes, that is right- our first! Our first camping trip as a family, that is. Doug has gone on many camping trips with his family and boy scout trips as a child. The boys have camped out once at a friend’s birthday party. I have visited campsites during the day, but I have never slept in one. So, we decided to take the plunge.

Every year our church goes on a camping trip together. We thought we could handle it if we had a big group of experienced campers around us. First- some shopping is in order. Tents, sleeping bags, chairs, air mattresses, a cook stove, marshmallow sticks, a cot, etc. I sure hope we like this camping thing because we have spent more on all this stuff than we would have on a hotel room…..Second, we have to get it all in the van and up to the campsite.

Can you believe all this stuff? Bikes and blankets and jackets galore!

Okay, so now we have to actually put these tents up. That sounds like a good job for the boys.

As you can see, I brought a lot of food! I figured if it was awful and I was miserable, at least I would have some food to eat!

It took a very long time to get these tents set up- as you can see it was dark before we were even mildly settled in.  I ended up having to set up my “kitchen” in the morning- when I woke up- and it was 42 degrees!!! – without a campfire!!!! Okay, yes, it was not a smooth start, but we ended up having a great time. Fun times with fun friends 🙂

I want to go again next year!!!

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