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Sewing at the Oregon Coast

While we were soaking in the beauty of the Oregon Coast, I was able to sew some more Barrister Sew-Along blocks.

Barrister Sew Along blocks at coast

I kitted up all the parts for each block at home so I wouldn’t have to do much cutting.

Block 55

The Anvil block:

Anvil Block

Jack in the Pulpit block:

Jack in the Pulpit block

And a basket block:

Basket block 58


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My Hopscotch, Butterscotch Quilt

Hopscotch butterscotch 1

There are some crazy scraps in this quilt! It has been my leader/ender project for about the past 6 months, maybe longer.

Hopscotch butterscotch 2

I’m bad about having everything ready so that I can use my leader/enders. My sewing table is very small and cramped so I try to keep it clear of everything except what I am using right at the moment.

Hopscotch butterscotch 3

So I just tend to use the pieces of the next step as a leader/ender- which means I have to prepare the next step and leave one set under the needle- which means it doesn’t get ironed with the rest- which means it doesn’t get counted and I freak out that I don’t have enough…. you get the idea.

Hopscotch butterscotch 4

Before I start my next leader/ender project, I would like to find a solution to this problem. Do any of you have any ideas? How do you keep your pieces at hand without much space?

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Meet Magnum

While we were at the Oregon Coast, Dylan and I did some shopping. Dylan spotted something in one of the antique shops that he KNEW I would be interested in. He was right!!!  A black 301! Dirty, dusty, rusted, and missing many things like a power cord, foot pedal, bobbin case, bobbin, needle, carry case, and manual but hey! The motor runs!!!

Magnum first look

I just had to have it!  I had no idea if it sewed. I knew it hadn’t been stored properly by the condition it was in. And I was facing the world’s most experienced antiques negotiator. I’m pretty sure she used to be employed as a high-level swat team commander.  I was so nervous, I could hardly pay. 

We hauled it home from the coast and I placed it on my sewing table.  I decided to clean it all up first, so that if it didn’t sew, at least I would have learned a lot about fixing it up before I was so sickened that I couldn’t look at it anymore. 🙂

Needle plate before:

Needle plate before

So dirty under there…..

needle plate removed before

Look at that rusty flywheel knob.

Rusty flywheel

So, I got out the aluminum foil and lots of sewing machine oil and started scrubbing. Here is what the flywheel knob looked like after a couple of minutes….

Shiny flywheel

And the needle plate after some cleaning….

Shiny needle plate

Introducing Magnum- a 1952 Singer 301A- all cleaned and oiled and ready to be tested….

Clean Magnum

After 3 hours of “detailing”, now I had to actually see if Magnum could sew. I borrowed Gertrude’s bobbin case, bobbin, needle, power cord, and foot pedal and threaded it up. I held my breath and pushed down on the foot pedal………..  A beautiful stitch! A smooth, purring motor! A relieved me 🙂  I think Magnum and I will have some very happy times ahead!

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A surprise visit!!

Nick and Mel came to visit! What a surprise! We had a fun dinner out 🙂

Nick and Mel group photo

I told them the story of my new sewing machine, Magnum (story on that coming shortly) and so we had to watch the movie, Zoolander. Nick is giving us his best “Magnum”. Love these guys!!!

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It’s a Minecraft Pumpkin!

Ben with minecraft pumpkin

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An Adventure to the Oregon Coast

Family in van heading to coastHere we are! The van is packed and we are ready to roll!! To where, you ask? Why the Oregon Coast, of course!

To enjoy a whole lotta this view:

LakeView from house

Isn’t it gorgeous! So pretty…. so quiet…. so peaceful…..

Sitting by the lake

We could all relax, and sit back, and enjoy the beauty that surrounded us.

Lily pads in lake

This was the last week of summer- last chance to take it easy before the hub-bub of school starts up.

Patio on the lake

It was a perfect time to recharge, refocus, and regroup.  The boys played hard, I sewed like crazy, and we all ate like kings at some delicious restaurants in the area. A perfect ending to a wonderful, full, and busy summer.

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Carnival Time

Doug n I on carousel

Every year Doug’s work holds a “Family Day”. This year was no exception. I actually was able to convince some members of my family to accompany me on the “scary” rides!! And they loved them! Even better 🙂

Doug and Dylan on roller coaster

boys on bumper cars

Ben throwing at balloons

ben's winnings at balloon toss

Ben displaying squid on head

Ben and Doug on Ferris wheel

Guess who wins going down the big slide……….Ben and Doug going down the big slide

I know these pictures are lousy- but it was dark and I took them on a phone! They are just too good to leave out 🙂

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Update on renovations

In an earlier post, I showed you our home construction projects in progress. Now for an update!

Framing dylan's room with ben

Is it sturdy enough?

hanging on framing of dylan's room

Yup!! It is!

dylan drywalling

spotlight on dylan drywalling

Dylan putting in door hardware in his bedroom

dylan and doug in new doorway

dylan laying carpet

Dylan spackling his room

painting bedroom

Completed bedroomA finished room!! This is before he fixed it all up- put cabinet doors on, etc- but you get the idea.  🙂 He is happy to have his own room and I am happy to have the all the construction finished and CLEANED UP!!!!!!

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Camping in August

Panorama of Battery RussellAs soon as we returned from the 50th celebration- we headed out to our annual camping trip with our church. A new place for us this year- Fort Stevens! So much to see and do there- we loved it!

Doug and I at Battery

Doug spent most of his time doing this:

Doug chopping wood at Ft Stevens

and this:

Doug starting fire at Fort Stevens 2013

It was pretty cold!! Even in August!!

Doug standing at Battery russell

I don’t think we took our jackets off the whole time 🙂

Walking around Battery russell

The beach was beautiful.

Panorama of Ft Stevens coastline

Peter Iredale shipwreck Ft stevens

Complete with a shipwreck!!

Dylan coming out of tent Ft stevens

Ben biking at Ft Stevens

We all gathered for the church service- guess what the most popular form of transportation was!

Bike at church service Ft Stevens

The last day we spent at the lake.

audience at the lake- ft stevens

Panorama of Coffenbury Lake

We can’t wait to go back next year!

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The 50th Anniversary Quilt- Talkin’ Turkey

Talkin Turkey over the railing

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