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How I plan to spend my summer….

The Quilt Lady at her machine


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My Brother came to visit!

It was a very short visit- but we were glad to see him!

Nick and the boys

Hopefully he will be back up our way again soon.

Nick and I

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FWS QAL Week #4 Part 2

I finished Block #8!

Block Number 8 Bouquet

It was easier than Block #7 so I finished it in less time than I thought. I am still not caught up though…….

Press on!

Here is a link to the Flickr group.

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FWS QAL Week #4

Well, I am still trying to catch up with the QAL that I joined late……..

So far I only have block #7 finished for this week.

Block Number 7- Birds in the Air

The block looks tweaked in the picture because it sunk down into the ivy when I was taking the picture. It really does have straight sides! This block uses pieces that are a little smaller than I am used to. Consequently, it took me quite a while to get it done. Block 8 doesn’t look a whole lot easier, so I may fall even further behind…. but I love working on this quilt as a group! It is very inspiring.

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FWS QAL Week #3

Here are the blocks for this week:

Block Number 5- Bat Wing

Block Number 6 Big Dipper

I can’t wait to see how everyone else’s block are turning out! Are you enjoying it so far?

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