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A sweet doll for a sweet girl

A fellow homeschooling mom (a friend of a friend of a friend) contacted me because she had purchased one of my dolls previously, and asked me to make one for her 10 year-old daughter. I stopped making dolls a few years ago, and I really didn’t have much interest in starting back up again. However, after she explained to me that her daughter had just developed an interest in sewing and would like to make her own dolls someday, I couldn’t turn her down. Not having any daughters of my own to inspire, why not try to inspire another’s daughter? Right?

I have thought of a lot of names for her, but I want to let that sweet budding 10 year-old dollmaker pick out just the right one 🙂

See how she is sitting on Double Delight– and no, I haven’t started basting it yet… See the tiny blue ricrac along the bottom of her dress?

Here she is sitting outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine today. See how her dress is reversible? She is sitting on a little chair that Ben made for my dolls many years ago.

I hope she likes her new doll!


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Double Delight has a border

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