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Easy Street Progress- finally a top!

Easy Street has a destination! And let’s hope there isn’t any traffic because Easy Street is going to be a wedding gift 🙂  ON MAY 4TH!!! Right now Easy Street needs to be an express freeway.

Easy Street Top

I finished the top today, and I also finished the backing. I plan to lay it all out and baste it tomorrow. I am not doing fancy quilting- I don’t have time and I don’t think the pattern needs it. It is already so busy and it wouldn’t show anyways. The piecing is the star of this show.

Dylan next to Easy Street Top

As I had written about in an earlier post, I decided not to go with the on-point setting of the pattern. I liked the diagonal lines of the running 4 patches. The straight set causes an abrupt cut-off with open spaces on the sides- not that finished, closed-box look of the on-point setting. So, I created a border with the 4-patches and green squares to finish up the diagonal lines. This left some empty spaces for just a touch of applique. I think it gives it a light-hearted feel to match my diverse fabrics in the quilt.

As usual the photo shoot had its troubles…..

Doug and Dylan holding Easy Street top

Let’s hope the bride and groom find it pleasing 🙂


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Fundraising Auction Quilt

Ben’s Art School is having a Fundraising Auction! I decided to make a quilt to donate– hard to believe, huh?

Auction Quilt on table

Auction quilt


The auction just went live today! You can bid on it here.





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East Coast Trip

We flew back to see our East Coast family! We took a red-eye flight- I wouldn’t recommend it.

Dylan at Lincoln Memorial pillars with sunrise streaming in

We were exhausted when we arrived and the day was just beginning! We were there for the sunrise in Washington D.C, though 🙂

Washington Mall at Sunrise

It was great to be with all the family again- we hadn’t seen them all in such a long time.

The Whole East Coast Family

Grandmom and her grandkids Christmas 2012

Our niece arranged a lovely party in her new home (moved in less than a week before we arrived!!!).

My niece and her bunny


Friends and family traveled from near and far. We ate, we chatted, and caught up on everyone’s lives.

Doug and Jim

Doug’s friend from high school stopped by!

Just a few salon touchups

Ben was sick on the way there, that is why he is missing from many of these photos.

Cousin Play-doh time

After he recovered, there was playtime with the cousins.

Family dinner table

Doug and his sister

Doug was sick while we were there- such a bummer. He was a trooper though, and tried to push himself. He ended up missing a whole week of work once we returned…

Grandmom and her children

We attempted to get a family photo, but we were unsuccessful. There was just too much of an audience to be even remotely serious 🙂

Vertical family photo Christmas 2012

Horizontal Family Photo Christmas 2012

Maybe next year??????

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Block Party Portland 2013

Hotel view up riverWhat a weekend! It has taken me several days to collect my thoughts and summarize all that went on at the Block Party last week. Three days of classes, three nights of presentations, weeks of preparation, and a whole lot of laughter and fun!

Bonnie giving night presentation

Bonnie Hunter did the first night presentation. She explained her Scrap User’s System using her Food Chain Quilt, emphasizing the fun of quilting and not taking everything too seriously.

Bonnie's quilts

It was a real treat to see all her quilts in person.


It is impossible to get a feel for their scrappiness in a photograph.

Westminster Fabrics gifted each of us with a 10 fat quarter pack of Kaffe prints. Martingale gave us a 200 blocks book. Quiltmaker gave us a tote bag filled with even more goodies.

Ballroom dinner

We played a “getting to know you” game collecting signatures of other quilters who had a blog, had traveled from far away, or had made a quiltmaker pattern, among many other things.  I met many quilters and signed a ton of papers once they found out I had left my sewing area neat as a pin. Don’t be too impressed, though. It was spic and span because it was totally empty!! I think I brought everything I have with me 🙂  Needless to say, I had way too much stuff and an inadequate way to carry it all. If I am going to attend something like this in the future, I need to do some research and find some cases that work for sewing machines, ironing boards, hot irons, numerous rulers, flexible lights, a wooden sewing extension table, and, of course, 60 yards of fabric.

Bonnie and Me

For my three days of classes, I chose all Bonnie Hunter blocks: Midnight Flight, Talkin’ Turkey, and Winston Ways.

Bonnie giving tips

Bonnie was full of energy and helpful tips.

Everyone's Midnight Flight blocks

We cut and we sewed and we laughed and the time just flew by. I didn’t finish a full block the first two days, but I was determined to get one done on the third day- and I did!

My Winston Ways block

I think I must have been laughing too much, because nearly everyone else finished a block all three days.

Carmen working on her Talkin Turkey

I got to know my fabulous table mates and admire their beautiful fabric choices and excellent talent.

Carmen's Winston Ways blocks

We even had the same sewing machine on the first day!  I’m hoping we can stay in touch and maybe meet up at another event in the future 🙂

Everyone's talkin turkey blcks

At the end of class each day, Bonnie would lay out all the blocks everyone had made so that we could enjoy them.

Everyone's Winston Ways blocks

Seeing the different color combinations was very inspiring.

One of Jo Morton's quilts

Jo Morton and Debbie Caffrey gave the other two night presentations-

Another Jo Morton Quilt

each with their own “take” on the quilting world.

Debbie Caffrey night presentation

I wasn’t very familiar with their work, so it was eye-opening for me.

The Block Exchange!

This was my first block exchange- and I was more than a little intimidated.  I had worked long and hard on my blocks, so I knew they were “technically” right. But what about the color? What about the block I chose? What about the way it looked? What if no one liked it?

Block Exchange Group

Well, the ladies made me feel very comfortable. Everyone’s block was SO different, that I began to realize that there is no “right” way to do it.  We went around the table and told a little something about our blocks. There was lots of laughter involved 🙂

Talkin Turkey show and tell

On the last night, they organized a little show-and-tell. Each of the teachers explained their classes and the students went to the front to show their work. Wow! Every class looked like so much fun!

Hotel view downriver

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