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A Thanksgiving runner

Our wonderful friends invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them and their families. Since we moved away from our families, their kindness is so appreciated.  🙂  So, rather than arrive empty-handed, I made a table runner!

Thanksgiving runner

Thanksgiving runner close up

Thanksgiving runner close up2

It has Christmas poinsettias on it, but it isn’t overly Christmasy.

Thanksgiving runner poinsettia

Thanksgiving runner quilting

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Comforting quilts

My quilt guild has a community outreach focus. We like to help our community 🙂

Comforting quilts

So once a month, we get together, bring quilt tops with us, and work all day. We put batting and backings on with a serger and the quilts get tied or longarmed and handed out to the community– at hospices, nursing homes, domestic violence shelters, summer camps, and many more deserving places. Sometimes it’s a pretty crazy day!

Comforting quilts

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A baby quilt

Zoo animals rail fence quilt

IZoo animals rail fence quilt 1

Zoo animals rail fence quilt close upZoo animals rail fence quilt back

This one is also for sale in my Etsy shop!

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Bright Owls

Here is a quilt I made using a novelty owl fabric that looks like Russian nesting dolls.

Bright Owls quilt full view

I wanted to keep the novelty pieces large so that the owls could be recognized and appreciated. I came up with this square-in-a- square block combined with a quail’s nest block.  In order to make the secondary diamond pattern, I substituted the outside corners of the square-in-a- square blocks with purple, instead of turquoise.

Bright Owls quilt backviewThe back has big white asterisks with a lime green strip!

Here is a close up:

Bright owls close up

Bright owls close up

It is for sale at my Etsy store 🙂 Happy sewing!

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My first Quilt of Valor

Thank you to all who serve our country! It’s a small thing, but it is a good way to use my resources to show my appreciation to all those brave patriots who put their lives on the line every day for us.

Quilt of Valor 1

Quilt of Valor 1 side view

Quilt of Valor 1 close up

If you haven’t heard of Quilts of Valor yet, check them out!

Quilt of Valor 1 quilting by Priscilla

Quilt of Valor 1 planning

Keep up the good work!

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Colombian treasures

Doug went on a business trip to Colombia and brought me home these treasures! 🙂

Colombian bowl

Colombian bowl 2

Colombian bowl 3

Colombian bowl 4

Isn’t their money so cool??

Colombian money

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Pittock Mansion

We went on a day trip to Portland to see Pittock Mansion. Built in 1914 for one of Oregon’s first and most influential families, Pittock Mansion overlooks the city’s skyline.

Pittock Mansion panorama

Pittock Mansion view

Pittock Mansion view with us

Pittock Mansion out front

It had a sewing room! Yayyy!

Pittock Mansion sewing room

Pittock Mansion sewing machine

I loved the wallpaper 🙂

Pittock Mansion sewing room wallpaper

There was a music room….

Pittock Mansion music room

And a library of course….

Pittock Mansion library with us

What a wonderful day!! What a beautiful place!!

Pittock Mansion view 2

even the stair case is gorgeous….

Pittock Mansion staircase

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A Blanket for Lydia

Another new baby!

A Blanket for Lydia

A Blanket for Lydia 2

I hope she likes it!

Happy sewing 🙂

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Ladies’ Retreat to the Beach

I was invited to a Ladies’ Retreat at the Beach! We had beautiful weather the entire time 🙂

IMG_4868 IMG_4876 IMG_4882 IMG_4883 IMG_4894

We went on hikes, worked on puzzles, ate delicious food, walked to a coffee shop, and chatted and laughed ourselves silly! 🙂IMG_4901

Oh yeah, we sang songs and built a fire on the beach too! IMG_4899

Good bye, summer! We will see you next year!!

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More construction around here!

After trying to accomplish this job on our own, we finally gave in and hired a crew to finish it for us.   They did a great job! And it only took 3 days!! 🙂 Installing french doors before

And I love the way the doors look.  It really feels like 2 rooms now- rather than just a random line in the middle of a room.  IMG_4963

I love how it lets the sun shine in! I’m sure we will love it in the wintertime even more!


Now to go clean up and rearrange some furniture!

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