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Lauren’s Memory Quilts

IMG_6405Making these quilts involved using many unconventional fabrics! A prom dress, a sweat suit jacket, a sweater, socks, pajamas, tank tops, baby rompers, jeans, and more! Every block had its own challenges- with pockets and labels to add!


The back of the big quilt is flannel yardage. The back of the smaller quilt is the ball gown satin skirt of her prom dress!


Lots of peicing of bias skirt pieces to try and make that lie flat!

Here are some close ups of some of the precious embellishments we added:


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FMQ on the Purple Strippy

I started this quilt as a jelly roll race, but I used too few fabrics and all the like-patterned strips were all bunched up beside one another. So I decided to break it up with some shocking green strips- definitely better- not good, but better.


I baste my quilts on the dining room table because I can use clamps to keep the backing and batting straight and prevent bunching or creasing.


I use safety pins for basting. They are easy to place- see my grapefruit spoon???- and easy to remove.


Isn’t this bird on the backing fabric cute? Now to decide how to quilt it.  I want more practice with my circles ruler, but I don’t want to spend that much time on this quilt.


I tried to do the outside circles and then fill them with free motion. It is supposed to be a flower, but it looks more like 4 hearts or a four leaf clover. I need to make it more flowerlike- maybe tomorrow I’ll come up with a great idea 🙂



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Using up batting scraps-Frankenbatts!

I use Blizzard fleece from Joann’s for my batting. It’s cheap. It has a wonderful drape. It washes up perfectly time after time. It has a consistent thickness from bolt to bolt. It doesn’t get stretched out with handling.  It comes in many wonderful colors and patterns. And it makes easy Frankenbatts- that’s the term my Stashbusters group uses to describe a full size batting made up of many small-sized pieces zigzagged together.

First I lay out my quilt top to see how big I need the batting to be- then I cover it up with pieces until it is big enough. Then I zigzag those pieces together by butting them up side by side. They don’t overlap at all. (There’s a peek of my purple strippy I’m going to be using this batting for- more to come on that tomorrow)

See how nice and flat it turns out? Just like it was one solid piece of batting.

Keep joining the pieces until you have one big piece!

If you only have a small quilt–one you don’t need to baste- you don’t have to zig zag the pieces together. You can just add them to your quilt sandwich as you go along. But if you need to baste before you start quilting, it is much easier to join all the pieces first and baste as you normally would with a single full size piece of batting.

Happy Quilting! 🙂


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Black, White, and Red all over

I used to love that joke when I was young. It really stumped me when I first heard it.

I used the pattern in the patterned fleece on the back to make the quilt top-

enlarging the diamonds so that I could have some space for free motion quilting

This one is for sale in my Etsy Shop!!!!

Happy quilting! 🙂

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Free motion quilting with stencils

I purchased this stencil at Road to California – I think I forgot to put it on my list of goodies I had picked up there… ooops!



I finally had a chance to try it out tonight. I am doing straight line quilting on the patterned pieces- just following the print. But I wanted to do something different in the solid red pieces- so I pounced on the 1″ grid

and simply quilted a freehand arc on all four sides. I think it gives it an extra something to differentiate it from the patterned pieces. Great texture too! I’ll post a photo of the entire quilt tomorrow so you can be the judge. 🙂



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Vintage Quilts

My neighbor has some gorgeous vintage quilts that are looking for new homes.


There are even more listed on my Etsy shop so go check them out!

I hope you are having a very productive winter.

Happy Quilting! 🙂




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More charity quilts


That’s 11 charity quilts so far for 2018! Yayyy!

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Road to California 2018

We had a wonderful time at Road to California this year! It was so relaxing to spend time with Kathryn, see all the quilts, and peruse the vendors.

I picked up more Wonderfil thread, of course-neither Kathryn nor I can resist their products. I got a Circles on Quilts ruler from Westalee, a big Flying Geese ruler from Bloc-Loc, and some bargain fabric from Jenny’s. We had a ball at M & L fabrics too- making all sorts of Civil War Reproduction fabric groupings on the tops of the stacks of flatfolds, but we didn’t buy any of them.

We also were right behind a bad crash on the freeway. One of the cars had flipped on to its side and there were 2 people trapped inside.

My brother- with his height and strength- was able to help some other bystanders who were trying to get them out. It was scary because at first we couldn’t tell if one of the victims was alive or not because he wasn’t responding. My brother and the three other guys brainstormed all sorts of ways to try and reach him and finally they grabbed him! He was still dazed but alive.

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A T-shirt Quilt for graduation

I helped a friend make her son a t-shirt quilt for graduation.

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Valentine’s Day Table Runners

I made matching Valentine’s Day Table Runners for two of my friends for their birthday. They may or may not be twins 🙂

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