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Day Trip to the Oregon Zoo

Summertime is the time for sightseeing 🙂

Oregon Zoo 2014 Sign

This weekend we traveled to the Oregon Zoo.



Most of the animals were sleepy….Oregon Zoo 2014 Cheetah

Oregon Zoo 2014 Orangutan

Oregon Zoo 2014 Bald Eagles

Oregon Zoo 2014 Giraffe and Gazelle and Condor


Some were pacing……

Oregon Zoo 2014 CaracalThat is a caracal– the desert lynx. He had a bad case of cabin fever…..

Oregon Zoo 2014 Hippo

Oregon Zoo 2014 Hippo drinking



Oregon Zoo 2014 Elephant


There were pretty places to walk, too.IMG_3822

Oregon Zoo 2014 Doug and Ben

We had a great time!



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Celtic Solstice is done!

I finally finished last year’s mystery quilt

Celtic Solstice far view

Celtic Solstice Full view

I quilted it on my 1952 Singer 15-91 named Priscilla 🙂

Celtic Solstice close up

I have a lot of parts leftover- maybe a matching baby quilt? Or pillow shams??

Celtic Solstice showing backing

I found a coordinating backing 🙂

Celtic Solstice pulled closer

Ready for more fun this year!

Happy Quilting, everyone!

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Bonnie Hunter Comes to Northwest Quilters!

We have been waiting for Bonnie for a long time! After having such a good time at the Portland Block Party, I couldn’t wait to take the 3 workshops that Bonnie had at Northwest Quilters: Cathedral Stars, Smith Mountain Morning, and Love Shack.

Bonnie and I


We had such a good time! Bonnie even used my machine for the demo.

Bonnie using Magnum Mary next to me had the same machine. There were several 301s and many Featherweights. I was also introduced to the 404. Now I have something else to look for on Craigslist 🙂

Here are my blocks:



I ended up making 2 hearts because I messed up on my first heart and made 2 left sides!!! So, I had to make 2 right sides, of course 🙂

Bonnie is coming back to Hillsboro in 2017! I can’t wait!

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Quail’s Nest in a Log Cabin Quilt

Quails Nest in a Log Cabin finished quilt

Here is another scrap quilt I finished: Quail’s Nest in a Log Cabin

Free Motion Quilting of Quail's Nest

Close up of quilting pattern on Quail's Nest

Quail's Nest being quilted by Priscilla


Folding Quail's Nest to do free motion quiltingHappy Quilting!!


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The Oregon Iron Company

Another beautiful day here in Oregon! We are off on another day trip- this time to the Oregon Iron Company.

Oregon Iron Co Furnace

This place is full of history- check it out!  It is right on the Willamette River.

Willamette River at Oregon Iron Co


With picturesque walking trails….


Walking Bridge at ORegon Iron Co

We saw a blue heron and a baby bald eaglet fly over us.

Oregon Iron Co scenery willamette river

Sucker Creek



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Hanging Northwest Quilters Quilt Show

Dylan and I helped hang the quilts for this year’s Northwest Quilters Quilt Show

Dylan hanging more quilts

It’s a good thing he is tall!

Dylan hanging quilts

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A Day out in Oregon City

What a sunny, spring day here in Oregon! We decided to take a day trip out to see the Oregon City Falls!

Doug and Dylan at Oregon City Falls

And take some pictures with the pretty flowers…..

Doug and I in the Rhododendrons


Dylan and I in rhododendrons

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Happy Resurrection Day 2014!

Resurrection Sunday Family Photo

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As for Me Quilt reveal

I have finished the As for Me quilt!

As for Me full view

It took a long time…..

As for Me quilt closer

But it is finished! And this is how it got its name……

As for Me Quilt embroidery close up

Happy Quilting!

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The Road to California 2014

Guess where I am? There is a beautiful blue sky……..

California Blue Sky


Some different trees than we see at home……

Palm Trees

And a very special someone to see!!!!!!

Kathryn and I

You guessed it!! I’m in California to see the Road to California Quilt Show!! What a treat! The quilts are a sight to see, the vendors are plentiful, and the time with Kathryn is priceless. Do I sound like a commercial, or what??


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