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Easy Street Part 1

I enjoy Bonnie’s mystery quilts! I never thought I would- but who knew? Normally, I am not much for surprises. I like to have everything planned out ahead of time. Mystery quilts, though, have suspense- which really gets the imagination going- and amazement- seeing how the pieces fit together in a way you didn’t plan or expect. All I know is, I’m hooked!

Here are some of my 4-patches for Part I:

Easy Street Part 1

Have fun everyone!


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Easy Street is here!

We are on the road to Easy Street! Bonnie Hunter started her mystery today with the first clue– 192 4-patch units! Way to get started! So far all I have done is choose fabrics:

Easy Street Fabrics

I am hoping to get to it tomorrow!

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to……



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Progress on My Orange Challenge Quilt

I have been working on finishing my Orange Challenge Quilt, and I finally have the top together! This quilt is named Orange Challenge Quilt because several years ago I was challenged to assess my stash and make a quilt with the color that was least represented. It was definitely outside of my comfort zone. To top that off, I chose fabrics that were bold, large-scale, and just plain “out there”!  The “Challenge” part of the name fits perfectly.

On the other hand, the “Orange” part of the name- not so much. I don’t know how that happened! Not until I was taking the picture today did I realize that this quilt is not very orange. It sure seemed like it the whole time I was working on it. The yellow borders, along with the simplified block that I used for the outside blocks, diminish the impact of the orange- which is what I was going for- but maybe it worked a little too well…..

I had planned another pieced border of  tri-rec triangles- but I am happy with it “as-is”.  I am anxious to put this one ‘to bed’.  🙂

After all this, orange is still nearly non-existent in my fabric stash.

Happy finishes to everyone out there!

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