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She had a girl!!!!

Baby Victoria- Newborn Photo


My niece had her baby- a wonderful baby girl! Her quilt is on its way 🙂

Also, I finished two more blocks for my Barrister Sow-Along….

Block 32 Road to Fortune

Block 21 Steps to the Altar

I am over half-way done!



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Four more Barrister’s Sow-Along Blocks

I finished 4 more blocks! Every little bit helps, right???

Block 8 Broken Dishes

Block 22 A Very Scrappy Star

Block 15 Dutchman's Puzzle

Block 5 Box

Keep on Quiting!

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Birthday Girl Blocks are done!

I finished my Birthday Girl Blocks for the Quiltmaker Block Party!

Birthday Girl BLocks completed

Now all I have to do is sign them…… What is the proper way to do this? First name only?  First and last? First initial and last name? Someone with some experience with block exchanges,  please let me know! Thanks 🙂

See you all at the Block Party!

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Thrift Store Find!

Look what I found at the thrift store yesterday!

Turqoise Singer 347

Actually, I can’t take credit for it. I was so focused looking for jeans that are  long enough, that I would have totally missed it if  Dylan wouldn’t have dragged me over to the electronics section saying “Mom, come look at this!!!!!”  Half paying attention, I follow him over there and he pulls out this old blue plastic case…….with a rusted handle….. what is he showing me??? A turqouise blue Singer Model 347 from 1967!!!! Wow, Dylan,  nice find! How much is it? $12!!!! Ohhhh, it probably doesn’t run (I am always the optimist, of course). It does, Mom! I already checked that out. Well, there must be something drastically wrong with it if it is only $12….. (optimist, I know).  We pull everything out and pile it all out on the table. He plugs it in– vroom, vroom…… Hmmmm. Oh- I remember now- it has to have a bobbin case. When I bought my Singer 301, everyone stressed how it had to have a bobbin case because those were so expensive to replace. Slide back the plate—- NO bobbin case! Oh no! Out comes the smartphone- mad internet searching (lasting about an hour) for cost of replacement bobbin case. So frustrating! Nobody mentions anything about the bobbin case- no one sells it, no ebay auction, nothing! What should I do? Risk it? Well, after an hour, I came to my senses- it is 12 bucks!!!! Not what I would call a BIG risk. So, I brought it home and commenced some real internet searching on my laptop and what do I find? Singer Model 347 is a drop in bobbin- that means no bobbin case! You just plunk the plastic bobbin right in place!!! So, I picked up a 65 cent plastic bobbin and a  $1 spool pin (the only other thing that she was missing).  She sews like a dream! Straight stitch, zig zag, and blind hem!!! What a find!!

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Progress on my Birthday Girl Blocks

I have been working on my Birthday Girl Blocks for the Block Party Exchange today.

Birthday Girl pieces

We are to make 9 blocks at 12.5 inches unfinished.

Birthday Girl pieces laid out

These are big blocks! And they certainly are Portland colors! Happy Quilting!

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Any day now….

Both baby quilts folded
My niece hasn’t had her baby yet…. I appreciate the extra time 🙂 I was able to finish Flower Fairy Quilt should she turn out to be a girl!
Flower Fairy Quilt on table
It started off as a panel that I cut apart and sashed with a purple batik and floral cornerstones. I quilted it with an all-over rose trellis pattern. I backed it with another piece of the border fabric and two pieces of floral fabric.
Floral Fairy Quilt
Now that I am ready- Let’s have that baby!!!

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The Mr. Roboto Quilt

My niece is having a baby this month! The boy or girl part is a surprise– so you know what that means! Time to make two quilts 🙂

I am banking on a boy- so I finished this one first- the Mr. Roboto Quilt 🙂

The photo shoot part of finishing a quilt is always interesting…..

There are no willing volunteers when it comes to being a “holder” for my quilts, but I must say that they are good sports about it.

I used a fat quarter pack “MasterMind”  from Connecting Threads. The pattern is from the cover of the June 2012 American Patchwork and Quilting Issue 116.  It worked out perfectly- not a single bit of unused fabric. I altered the pattern – making it baby size- 36″ by 44″. I also eliminated one row of the pattern- a simple rectangle to break up the zig-zags. I liked the look of zig-zag upon zig-zag. I also dropped the border. I used the same linear quilting as in the pattern. Here is a close-up:

Quilting close up of Mr. Roboto quilt

The colors are not that dull- the outdoors photos are more true to the color.

Quilting of Mr. Roboto quilt

I backed it with a blue DC Comics fabric with orbiting planets and stars on it.

Now I need to finish the “girl” quilt 🙂 We can’t wait to see that new baby! Happy Quilting everyone!

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