Quilts in Common

Welcome to our quilting world!


These are the blocks for week 2:

Block Number Three

I hand appliqued that handle- that is why it’s not straight! I can’t remember the last time I did hand-applique, but I must have given it up for lack of talent……

Block Number Four

So this is what I have so far….

Blocks 1-4


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The boys have a new hobby

We found a new park in our new neighborhood, and it has one of these….

The boys love it!

While the boys are busy at the skatepark, I walk around the trail and look at these:

This is a whole hill of flowers!

And if we are really energetic, we do this:

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The Daughters of Virtue Summer Tea

What a great time we had at the Ladies Summer Tea! We have been planning this tea for months, and it turned out lovely. With so much talent, how could it not?

Everyone brought their china and silver and linen napkins.

I don’t have any china or silver, so it was all very inspiring for me!

Everyone said the tea tasted better in fine china 🙂
We were the servers so I wasn’t able to snap many photos of the actual event…

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We joined the FWSQAL!

This is a first for me! My very first QAL! Kathryn and I both got interested in this book at around the same time. She suggested that we join the QAL- and sent me the book!! Am I blessed or what??

Here are the details.

Week One Blocks:

Block Number One

Block Number Two

I decided to make mine completely scrappy and as much from my stash as possible ( I think I will have to purchase the sashing blocks after I see how many different color combinations I come up with).

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A little crocheting…..

I love to work on a little hand project when I listen to the sermon at church.

I just finished this one:

Even though I have gotten the comment, “No one uses doilies anymore….”, I just love to crochet with thread and, to me, nothing is more relaxing than going around and around!

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15 Years of Marriage!

15 years together!

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this month!

We went for a hike together

Hiking across the bridge

in a wildlife refuge wetland preserve

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any bald eagles…..even though they had already spotted 2 that day…..

There were many beautiful plants and trees and, of course, flowers 🙂

some flowers along the path

Pretty purple flowers-- does anyone know the name of these???

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Pretty Flowers at Grandma’s House

We went to visit Grandma last month and she had beautiful roses blooming in her front yard.

I almost missed my ride because I was so busy snapping pictures!

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As for me….. quilt

I started a new project— inspired by the verse from Joshua “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”
I decided to use an easy machine applique for the houses. I enlarged it about a million times to make the center house. I have been trying to find ways to incorporate embroidery into my quilting- just something small, not too overwhelming. My original plan was to embroider the verse on the roof– but it turned out to be too small to fit the verse, so I put it at the bottom of the center square instead.
I have only made a little progress on it so far, but I thought I would share it with you so you can ride along with me on my journey. 🙂

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