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Road to California 2018

We had a wonderful time at Road to California this year! It was so relaxing to spend time with Kathryn, see all the quilts, and peruse the vendors.

I picked up more Wonderfil thread, of course-neither Kathryn nor I can resist their products. I got a Circles on Quilts ruler from Westalee, a big Flying Geese ruler from Bloc-Loc, and some bargain fabric from Jenny’s. We had a ball at M & L fabrics too- making all sorts of Civil War Reproduction fabric groupings on the tops of the stacks of flatfolds, but we didn’t buy any of them.

We also were right behind a bad crash on the freeway. One of the cars had flipped on to its side and there were 2 people trapped inside.

My brother- with his height and strength- was able to help some other bystanders who were trying to get them out. It was scary because at first we couldn’t tell if one of the victims was alive or not because he wasn’t responding. My brother and the three other guys brainstormed all sorts of ways to try and reach him and finally they grabbed him! He was still dazed but alive.


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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

The boys spent Christmas with their Grandparents 🙂

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A Day Trip to Barton Park

We were able to squeeze in one last day trip to Barton Park before the really cold and wet weather came

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Total Eclipse of the Sun!

In Portland, Oregon we’re not in the path of totality, but the City of Roses will have 99.2 percent obscuration. In case you’re behind on your eclipse lexicon, obscuration refers to the amount of the sun that will be covered by the moon.

We followed the progress from our back deck

Pretty crude, but we didn’t have eclipse glasses 🙂

It’s getting really small but still giving off tons of light! We were pretty shocked at how much light just 0.8% of the sun can still provide. It was certainly darker that usual at 10am on a sunny day- but we didn’t get to experience that moment of totality when it goes dark and all you see is that corona.

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Wallowa Lake

Some very generous friends invited us to go to Wallowa Lake! What a treat! We get to explore the eastern side of Oregon!

It sure looks a lot different than the western side! And there’s a lot of driving….

Finally we start to make our way up the mountain….

This is the view outside our cabin…

They have a tram that takes you from the lake up to the top of the mountain– a 3700′ vertical ascent to the summit of Mt. Howard where we got to enjoy the view as the gondola rises above Wallowa Lake Village and the blue waters of Wallowa Lake.

At the top they have a lovely restaurant with ground squirrels that run around your feet and eat anything that falls to the ground! They freaked me out! There are also parasailers that jump off the top and fly all around above the lake all day- really cool!

The lake is beautiful. We kayaked all around it.

We pedaled a rail car from Joseph to Enterprise and back again!

The good news is- it’s downhill all the way there! The bad news is- it’s uphill all the way back! We were dying….We got a little help from the tour guide at the very end 🙂

We strolled the many shops and art galleries in Joseph.

We toured the bronze foundry in Joseph. We were fascinated by the process which they show you from start to finish.

Doug has to show off his prowess


On the way home we toured the Pendleton Woolen Mills- just amazing the scale on which these wool blankets are made. It was hard to take photos but we saw the wool go thru dying, spinning, and weaving by computerized machines that operate so fast!

They  had a small museum at the end of the tour showing special items over the years

What a lovely, relaxing vacation. Even the deer are relaxed here- they eat right out of your hand. 🙂 Thank you, friends, for including us on your trip.


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Portland Open Studios 2017

Portland Open Studios gives participants a chance to peek into artists’ workplaces and see where the magic happens. We visited several studios around town.

Candlelight Glass offers the chance to make your own sandblasted glass. Ben and Doug had to give it a try

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A visit to Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens

What a beautiful place! A glorious sunny day too!



We figured out we love Pink Ruth Lilacs- they smell heavenly. Unfortunately, they no longer sell that variety…..


And they have my favorite tree in the parking lot… a monkey puzzle!



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A Day Trip to the Tulip Farms

This has been a very rainy spring- so rather than wait for good weather, we picked a day and went! It was amazing! I took a ton of pictures. This is only one field- there were many!!!



Do these shoes make my feet look big??? It’s pouring by the way….


The varieties were incredible.


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Road to California 2017

Yayyy! It’s finally here! I’m off to California!


My first class is exploring rulers for free motion quilting


She gave us this preprinted panel and a bunch of rulers and we’re off to create! It’s pretty intimidating on this Bernina Q20. This thing is ginormous! I turned the stitch regulator completely off because I didn’t want to get used to it 🙂

My second class was on Free motion background fillers using HQ Sweet Sixteen machines


It was so fun just trying out all new stuff and feeling totally free!


Eventually we filled in the entire grid.


My third class was on feathers and using stencils as a jumpstart for free motion quilting– back to the Bernina Q20. We fancied those feathers up!!


Here are some of the stencils I used in various stages of being embellished.


My next class was on Zentangle-inspired backgrounds. First we drew a simple picture of a bird on a branch and leaves and then we separated the background into sections. We added different fillers in each section- trying to balance out lighter ones with darker ones.


The baptist fan filler was great for getting into all the tight spaces


Then we added raw edge applique colored fabric over the picture elements that we wanted to emphasize


It was so much fun, I made another one and sewed it into a coin purse when I got home


What a fabulous time! All the teachers were excellent, the quilts in the show were wonderful, and I got to spend time with Kathryn- what could be better? I can’t wait to come back next year. 🙂

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A Day in Seattle

For a little New Year’s trip, we spent the day in Seattle.


We explored Chihuly Garden

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass

at the base of the Space Needle.


The size and scope are amazing. The works are breathtakingly beautiful.


Even his bowls are out of this world

Behind us is a sea column with swirling water and golden sea animals. Gorgeous!

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass






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