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Out for a winter’s walk

It may be cold and windy, but we’re gonna walk!  Come walk with us!

Winter walk

Here are some of the beautiful sights along the way…..

Winter walk1

Winter walk2

Winter walk3

Winter walk5

Winter walk6

Winter walk7

Winter walk8

Winter walk9

Winter walk10

Where do you like to walk?


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Florence for Christmas

We had planned to go to Florence for the summer, with the boys. Unfortunately, we were on the East Coast for a funeral and missed our reservations. So instead- we went for Christmas!! Our first trip away as a couple. 🙂

Christmas in Florence

It was very romantic! This fireplace had a remote!!! Just one click of the button, and we had a crackling’ fire– it was warm too!

Florence was lovely, of course. Doug was able to kayak around the lake.

Christmas in Florence 2

And we ate out at all our favorite restaurants.

Christmas in Florence 2

And the boys kept the house so clean while we were gone, I couldn’t even tell we had ever left!!!

Christmas in Florence 4

Christmas in Florence 5

Christmas in Florence 6

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Colombian treasures

Doug went on a business trip to Colombia and brought me home these treasures! 🙂

Colombian bowl

Colombian bowl 2

Colombian bowl 3

Colombian bowl 4

Isn’t their money so cool??

Colombian money

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Pittock Mansion

We went on a day trip to Portland to see Pittock Mansion. Built in 1914 for one of Oregon’s first and most influential families, Pittock Mansion overlooks the city’s skyline.

Pittock Mansion panorama

Pittock Mansion view

Pittock Mansion view with us

Pittock Mansion out front

It had a sewing room! Yayyy!

Pittock Mansion sewing room

Pittock Mansion sewing machine

I loved the wallpaper 🙂

Pittock Mansion sewing room wallpaper

There was a music room….

Pittock Mansion music room

And a library of course….

Pittock Mansion library with us

What a wonderful day!! What a beautiful place!!

Pittock Mansion view 2

even the stair case is gorgeous….

Pittock Mansion staircase

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Ladies’ Retreat to the Beach

I was invited to a Ladies’ Retreat at the Beach! We had beautiful weather the entire time 🙂

IMG_4868 IMG_4876 IMG_4882 IMG_4883 IMG_4894

We went on hikes, worked on puzzles, ate delicious food, walked to a coffee shop, and chatted and laughed ourselves silly! 🙂IMG_4901

Oh yeah, we sang songs and built a fire on the beach too! IMG_4899

Good bye, summer! We will see you next year!!

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Camping with our church family

Lake at camping

It’s time to explore the great outdoors!

breakfast by the trailer

Time to eat breakfast next to the campfire while playing Risk!

Doug kayakingGo kayaking!

Doug and I next to creek

Enjoy time with your family!!!!

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Spending the summer in California

The four of us getting ready to leave


It’s time to see Grandpa and Grandma, and uncles and aunts and cousins!

Grandma and the boys

Grandpa and boys

Grandma Grandpa and grandkids

Grandpa Nick and boys


Booth at Rubys

Cousins in front of El Torito


We toured the USS Iowa- a battleship docked in San Pedro.

Battleship green screen photo

Grandpa and Dylan next to torpedo

grandma on battleship


We partied it up at Dave and Busters!

Dave and Busters 1


Dave and Busters 2

We watched a hometown 4th of July parade followed by fireworks.

CHC float in parade

fireworks 2014

Spent the day at the beach with our extended family

Beach day with Joni and Tracy

Watched our cousin score at basketball!

Tyler basketball game

Caught up with old friends

Joy and family

And had a great time!

Dylan guitar with Marley


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Day Trip to the Oregon Zoo

Summertime is the time for sightseeing 🙂

Oregon Zoo 2014 Sign

This weekend we traveled to the Oregon Zoo.



Most of the animals were sleepy….Oregon Zoo 2014 Cheetah

Oregon Zoo 2014 Orangutan

Oregon Zoo 2014 Bald Eagles

Oregon Zoo 2014 Giraffe and Gazelle and Condor


Some were pacing……

Oregon Zoo 2014 CaracalThat is a caracal– the desert lynx. He had a bad case of cabin fever…..

Oregon Zoo 2014 Hippo

Oregon Zoo 2014 Hippo drinking



Oregon Zoo 2014 Elephant


There were pretty places to walk, too.IMG_3822

Oregon Zoo 2014 Doug and Ben

We had a great time!


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The Oregon Iron Company

Another beautiful day here in Oregon! We are off on another day trip- this time to the Oregon Iron Company.

Oregon Iron Co Furnace

This place is full of history- check it out!  It is right on the Willamette River.

Willamette River at Oregon Iron Co


With picturesque walking trails….


Walking Bridge at ORegon Iron Co

We saw a blue heron and a baby bald eaglet fly over us.

Oregon Iron Co scenery willamette river

Sucker Creek



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A Day out in Oregon City

What a sunny, spring day here in Oregon! We decided to take a day trip out to see the Oregon City Falls!

Doug and Dylan at Oregon City Falls

And take some pictures with the pretty flowers…..

Doug and I in the Rhododendrons


Dylan and I in rhododendrons

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