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Our “sweet” Christmas tradition

Every Christmas morning for several years now, I make cinnamon rolls for breakfast (late brunch, really).

Christmas cinnamon rolls

I make the dough in the bread maker the night before.  I spread it all out and cover it with butter and cinnamon and sugar.

Christmas cinnamon rolls

Christmas cinnamon rolls 2

Christmas cinnamon rolls 3

Then I roll it into a long tube and cut it into small sections and lay it into a baking casserole.

Christmas cinnamon rolls 4

Christmas cinnamon rolls 5

Christmas cinnamon rolls 6

Then I store them in the refrigerator until I get up the next morning. I let them rise in the oven and then bake them.

Christmas cinnamon rolls baked

The magic happens when I turn them out of the pan and all the gooey goodness is on top!!!

Christmas cinnamon rolls 7

Time to eat!

Christmas cinnamon rolls 8

Oh– and Merry Christmas!


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It’s a Caramel Apple Pie day!

We made apple pies! I found a recipe that sounded intriguing (read easy and quick) and decided to use up all these apples we have hanging around here. I didn’t use premade dough, and I forgot to get a picture of the first pies that looked much better than the “piece the dough together to get the pie covered” last pie, but oh well…..

First you make the pie crust and lay it in the pie pan. Then you cut your apples and put them in the crust. Then you cut your lattice strips and make the top look very fancy. On the stovetop, you prepare your “filling” and pour it all over the lattice strips and it oozes down over the apples. This is what it looked like after it was baked:

Everyone liked it- even me!

I still have a lot more apples- now I want to try and freeze these. Does that work out? Let me know if you have successfully frozen apple pies before.

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