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Tropical Baby Quilt

It’s time for another baby quilt for my etsy site! This one was made with very special fabrics from Anna Maria Horner, Philip Jacobs, Kaffe Fassett and more! It’s light and bright and cheery! And it has an orange polka dot backing!!


It’s made from a Bonnie Hunter Pattern called Carolina Chain.


Here is a link to my etsy listing!

Happy quilting everyone!


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Yet another charity quilt

I also finished a crocheted afghan, but I forgot to get a photo……

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Joe and Abbie’s Table Runner

Joe and Abbie are getting married this summer. Yayyyyy!!!! We are so happy for them!

They registered for these cute napkins- so I decided to make them a table runner to match! I quilted their names and date in the center square. I hope they like it.

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Another charity quilt

All the little snippets of time that I have been able to carve out of my schedule lately– which hasn’t been as much as I would like (Does one ever get enough???)–have been productive!

I quilted this with a combination of free motion and ruler work. I tried to make every square in a square block different- which served to show me that my repertoire is quite limited! I had to stretch to reach my goal.

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Finishing for a friend

We all know how UFO’s can drag us down. What better way to brighten someone’s day than to finish their UFO’s? I’m so honored that my friend trusted me to finish this special quilt for her. She had already made the top and so it only needed some quilting and binding to get it all ready for her guest bed.

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Going up? Baby quilts

Two more quilts are up on my etsy site!

Find the teal one Here

Find the fuchsia one Here

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Ruler work on my Singer 15-91

This is my setup for free-motion quilting on Priscilla, my 1948 Singer 15-91:


There are a couple of details to point out. I use a hopping large open darning foot. This foot has a small bar that sticks out toward you at the top- above the small screw that tightens the needle in place. Every time the needle goes up and down, that screw lifts the bar (and consequently the foot) to make a hopping motion, which makes it easy to move the fabric when you are quilting free-motion designs. I added rubber bands around my small screw to thicken it so that my foot hops higher 🙂

Here is my original ruler work setup:


The Westalee ruler foot does not have a spring and does not hop. The ruler foot has to easily glide over the fabric so that you don’t get a crooked line when you go over a seam. Therefore, you have to push up the ruler foot when you are installing it.

The notch on the side of the ruler foot does not rest on the tightening screw- do you see the arched space above the tightening screw? The ruler foot is pushed as high as it will go with my machine- the shank widens above that point and the attachment part of the foot won’t reach to wrap around it.

My Singer 15-91 is a low-shank machine. The low-shank ruler foot is very short in height to accommodate that.  So- when I push it to its highest point on the shank so that it rides high over the fabric and makes it easy to move and manipulate– the tightening screw is now closer to the base of the ruler foot.  Do you see how the tightening screw sticks out further to the left than the ruler foot does? Not a big deal, UNTIL you go to use a ruler– right there! It’s too low to slip the ruler under it- so what can be done?

This is where the heroes at Quilting Delights come in. I explained my dilemma to them and they produced a much smaller tightening screw that fits my machine!

Isn’t that perfect! It works great. I can line up the ruler on the left side and I can use my circular rulers more easily because there is more room under the screw to place my rulers. I might never leave my studio!

Please leave me a comment or tip that you have found to make ruler work easier on a vintage machine!

Happy Free-motioning and ruler work everyone!


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A quilt from the Bid-n-Buy Booth!

Every year, at our guild’s quilt show, we have a bid-n-buy booth. All year long, members donate books, tools, UFO’s, and completed projects. Two years ago, I picked up a bag of units and parts- all different sizes- in teals and purples. It looked interesting and it was only $4! After tinkering around with it occasionally (and getting frustrated because nothing fit together and there wasn’t much fabric to go around), I just decided to start making four patches and flying geese.

Bid-n-buy quilt

I quilted it with beige Invisifil on top and Decobob in the bobbin.

I used the Westalee Simple Circles set 1 to add circles in the center cross sashing


Happy Quilting everybody!

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Another Quilt of Valor

Another Quilt of Valor is on its way to a deserving military person serving our country.


A truly scrappy creation using all the great scraps I snag off the free table at my guild.

Happy Quilting!

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Green and Rose Flannel Charity Quilt



I used Aubrey Rose by Robyn Pandolph on the back and binding.


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