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More construction around here!

After trying to accomplish this job on our own, we finally gave in and hired a crew to finish it for us.   They did a great job! And it only took 3 days!! 🙂 Installing french doors before

And I love the way the doors look.  It really feels like 2 rooms now- rather than just a random line in the middle of a room.  IMG_4963

I love how it lets the sun shine in! I’m sure we will love it in the wintertime even more!


Now to go clean up and rearrange some furniture!


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Update on renovations

In an earlier post, I showed you our home construction projects in progress. Now for an update!

Framing dylan's room with ben

Is it sturdy enough?

hanging on framing of dylan's room

Yup!! It is!

dylan drywalling

spotlight on dylan drywalling

Dylan putting in door hardware in his bedroom

dylan and doug in new doorway

dylan laying carpet

Dylan spackling his room

painting bedroom

Completed bedroomA finished room!! This is before he fixed it all up- put cabinet doors on, etc- but you get the idea.  🙂 He is happy to have his own room and I am happy to have the all the construction finished and CLEANED UP!!!!!!

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Our Ongoing Renovations

We have lived here for over two years now- time sure does fly by! We knew this home had some issues we wanted to deal with, but we didn’t know if we would live here long enough to tackle them. Well, that time has come!

Masonry Fireplace

This is our masonry fireplace in the living room. It was added in the early 90’s, but it was never fully hooked up to a propane tank. So, it only provided looks, not heat. And we were not impressed with the looks! What we need around here is space- not good looks :-).

Dylan chiseling

Gentlemen- start your chisels!

Ben chiseling

After many hours of chiseling (and pounds and pounds of rock dust on everything)– we are getting somewhere.

Fireplace crumbling

Daddy helped too!

Daddy removing fireplace

empty corner

Now we can build a room for Dylan!!! We decided to add a skylight, since there will not be any windows in this small space.

And the ceiling needed to be sealed….

Dylan sealing ceiling

Now, on to framing….

Dylan measuring to frame

Framing first wall

First wall done!

That is it for now. I will post the second installment of our renovation adventure soon! 🙂

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