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Allietare Quilt Mystery Part 3!

Bonnie gave us an easy one this week. It was good timing for us, trying to get all of the last loose ends wrapped up before schools lets out for Christmas vacation.

Here are some of my golden four patches.


I was also working on another project – so far I have one block done…


And I baked some Christmas cookies today. ☺️


Merry Christmas everyone! And keep on moving forward on your mystery quilt!!! I love seeing all the progress.


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Tulips in the Window Quilt

Tulips in the window close up

I started this quilt when we went to Florence for our Christmas getaway, so this quilt has a Christmas feel to me.

Tulips in the Window quilt full front view

It’s not a scrappy quilt, but it has that look because I used so many different fabrics.

Tulips in the window side view

tulips in the window fabric close up

It is for sale at my Etsy shop!

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Allietare Mystery Quilt Part 2!!!

Things are moving right along with Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt.  She gave us a couple of assignments this week:

First – 2″ squares of grey and navy (her black)


Second- 80 headless geese


Then- adding neutral rectangles to the bottom of the headless geese


These units are an odd size- 3 1/2″ by 4 1/2″. I wonder what we will use these for? That’s what makes a mystery so fun!!!

My sons decorated this Christmas ginger bread train:


I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner 😀

Happy sewing everyone!!


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The Allietare Mystery Quilt Part 1

Here we are again! The start of this year’s mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter! I think this is my 5th year? Maybe? They have all been great fun and I look forward to them all year long.



imageWe went to Italy for our honeymoon!


And what a whirlwind tour it was! We’re celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in just a few months, so how perfect is this? And please forgive the 90’s fashions– can you believe that’s 20 years ago????


Hadrian’s Castle

But I digress…. Back to the quilt…..I’m changing up the color scheme just a little bit. Bonnie has red, gold, neutrals, grey, and black. I’m doing red, gold, neutrals, grey, and navy. Essentially the same, but a patriotic mix rather than an Italian feel, as this quilt is destined to be a Quilt of Valor.


The first step was grey and neutrals HSTs–nearly 300 of them! Since her finished size is much larger than a QOV, I’m making far fewer and then will fill in once I see the reveal. I usually end up changing the pattern a bit, frequently the borders.  In the past I have wanted to eliminate the border and so had to figure out how to extend the blocks and make them finish with a filled-in edge.  Or, as in the case of Easy Street, I was planning to gift the quilt as a wedding present and I wanted to add some appliqué detail. Sometimes I get inspired by one of my fellow mystery quilters, and really go crazy!! So….rather than have loads of leftovers, as I have in previous years, I’m keeping it small.

Jump right in and join us on the mystery- you will have a blast!


Happy quilting, everyone!

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The Silent Auction Collabrative Quilt

My friend and I made a quilt together! It was for a silent auction fundraiser for a school.

Begonia Baskets with class

Let me tell you the story…..

First, my friend traced handprints of every student in her class onto brightly colored fabric. She cut them out and appliquéd them into baskets- Begonia baskets!

Begonia Baskets first

I added several pieced borders using the same fabrics as the handprints.

Begonia Baskets1

Here is the progression…… first four patches, then HST’s,

Begonia Baskets2

Begonia Baskets3

Begonia Baskets5

Begonia Baskets6

It got bigger, and bigger!

Begonia Baskets7

Begonia Baskets8

I had fun quilting all sorts of fun stuff into it- the class’ memory verse, the names of the students on their handprints, and more!! I hope it raises some money for the school 🙂


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Two More Quilts of Valor

I finished 2 more Quilts of Valor!

Quilt of Valor 2

Quilt of Valor 2

Quilts of Valor 3

And 2 of my quilts of valor were hung in our guild’s Quilt Show!!!

My quilts in quilt show

How fun is that! Keep on sewing! 🙂

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Out for a winter’s walk

It may be cold and windy, but we’re gonna walk!  Come walk with us!

Winter walk

Here are some of the beautiful sights along the way…..

Winter walk1

Winter walk2

Winter walk3

Winter walk5

Winter walk6

Winter walk7

Winter walk8

Winter walk9

Winter walk10

Where do you like to walk?

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Our “sweet” Christmas tradition

Every Christmas morning for several years now, I make cinnamon rolls for breakfast (late brunch, really).

Christmas cinnamon rolls

I make the dough in the bread maker the night before.  I spread it all out and cover it with butter and cinnamon and sugar.

Christmas cinnamon rolls

Christmas cinnamon rolls 2

Christmas cinnamon rolls 3

Then I roll it into a long tube and cut it into small sections and lay it into a baking casserole.

Christmas cinnamon rolls 4

Christmas cinnamon rolls 5

Christmas cinnamon rolls 6

Then I store them in the refrigerator until I get up the next morning. I let them rise in the oven and then bake them.

Christmas cinnamon rolls baked

The magic happens when I turn them out of the pan and all the gooey goodness is on top!!!

Christmas cinnamon rolls 7

Time to eat!

Christmas cinnamon rolls 8

Oh– and Merry Christmas!

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Florence for Christmas

We had planned to go to Florence for the summer, with the boys. Unfortunately, we were on the East Coast for a funeral and missed our reservations. So instead- we went for Christmas!! Our first trip away as a couple. 🙂

Christmas in Florence

It was very romantic! This fireplace had a remote!!! Just one click of the button, and we had a crackling’ fire– it was warm too!

Florence was lovely, of course. Doug was able to kayak around the lake.

Christmas in Florence 2

And we ate out at all our favorite restaurants.

Christmas in Florence 2

And the boys kept the house so clean while we were gone, I couldn’t even tell we had ever left!!!

Christmas in Florence 4

Christmas in Florence 5

Christmas in Florence 6

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Butterfly donation quilt

Butterfly donation quilt 1butterfly donation quilt

Butterfly donation quilt 2

butterfly donation quilt1

Butterfly donation quilt close up

Butterfly donation quilt 4

This one is twin-sized 🙂

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